Confecciones Pan Con Chocolate, S.L.

Born in Bilbao company that designs, it gives life and markets brand Pan con Chocolate. The style of Pan con Chocolate is characterized by its personal design, its color and its multitude of details, which makes it described as a “sport chic”.

Their collections are always colorful for some children who should be primarily handsome above color trends sometimes “adult”.

The collection of Pan Chocolate is composed in turn by two collections:

Baby (from 3 months to 4 years), with offers ranging from sweet to more fashionable baby.
Children (from 2 to 14 years), which includes collections of boy and girl, with an offer mainly sport but comes to be used as a casual wear.

Pan con Chocolate has customers around the world: USA, Mexico, Russia, Venezuela, Italy, Austria, Germany, England, Ireland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Korea, China, Lebanon, Romania, SPAIN, within Countries of the world in which we are present.



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Confecciones Pan Con Chocolate, S.L.

Bº Lazkao, Pab. 3 – Ctra. Bilbao-Balmaseda, Km.11
48820 Zaramillo-Güeñes (Bizkaia), Spain

Telf: (+34) 944 074 005

Email: ventas@panconchocolate.com / export@panconchocolate.com

To contact us you can do so through the above channels or by filling out the following.

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In Pan con Chocolate We are especially concerned about security and ensuring the confidentiality of data provided by our customers. Therefore, we guarantee the security and confidentiality of the information you provide.

Pan Con Chocolate guarantees the protection and confidentiality of personal information, addresses, payment and any other type provided by our customers in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13 Protection of Personal Data. In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, you can at any time exercise your right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data by writing to Pan con Chocolate Bº Lazkao, P. 3 Km 11 48820 Zaramillo-Güeñes (Bizkaia) Spain or by sending an e-mail to: info@panconchocolate.com.

You can get more information about how we treat your personal data by accessing this Privacy Policy:

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The information provided by you as users through any of the forms of the Web site will be included in one or more files responsibility “Confections Bread With Chocolate, SL”, CIF B-95707923 (hereinafter Pan con Chocolate), Bº residing in Lazkao, P.3, Km 11 48820 Zaramillo-Güeñes (Bizkaia).

Purpose of treatment

Pan Con Chocolate reats the information provided by you for different purposes, depending on the pathA data collection:

  • Manage contractual or business relationship established between us.
  • Provide the services requested by you.
  • Manage, administer, provide, expand and improve the services that you had decided to subscribe or to sign up.
  • Adapt these services to improve their quality facing you.
  • Design new services related to the above.
  • Conduct statistical studies to design improvements in the services provided.
  • Send information required by you.
  • Send information about changes in the products or services purchased by you.
  • Send information about new products or services similar to those originally contracted or which may be of interest by any means, including electronic, whenever we have given consent.

Conscious user as the treatment of your data for the purposes described, without prejudice to the right that it revoke such consent through an email to the address info@panconchocolate.com identifying yourself as a user of the Website and specifying your request.

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The data you have provided will not be communicated to any third party unless:

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Required data for each form will be identified as such on the form itself. Refusal to provide such information will prevent realization of the service requested by you.

Exercise of rights

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition through an email to the address info@panconchocolate.com identifying yourself as a user of the Web site and specifying your request.

You can also exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by ordinary mail to the address Bº Lazkao, P.3, Km 11 48820 Zaramillo-Güeñes (Bizkaia) Spain identifying yourself as a user of the Web site, photocopy of ID or equivalent document and specifying your request.

User commitments

As a user you warrant that we are over 14 years and that the information provided is accurate and truthful. And you must commit to inform us of any change in the information provided through an email to the address info@panconchocolate.com, identifying yourself as a user of the Web site and specifying the information to be modified. Also, you have to commit to store keys and identification codes secret and to inform us in the shortest time in the event of loss, theft or unauthorized access. While this communication does not occur, we were exempted from any liability that might arise from misuse by unauthorized third parties of such passwords and identification

Third-party data provided by the User

If you provide us personal information to third parties for any purpose, you have to ensure we have informed those concerned and having obtained their consent for the communication of your data to us. And we also warrant that those affected are over 14 years and that the information provided is accurate and truthful. As it happens, we will contrast the consent of those affected through a first email with no commercial content that verification consent given on his behalf by you is required. Should responsibilities arising from a breach of these conditions on your part, must answer for the consequences of such failure.

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